Keep Facebook Free For Non-Profits

GHLF has been spearheading a petition on Change.org which has already received 17,500+ signatures, asking Facebook to either change its algorithm for non-profits, or otherwise accommodate non-profits with a solution (such as an ad-grant program similar to Google’s). As you may know, the social network changed its algorithm to limit “organic reach” — the number of Facebook users who can potentially see any single piece of content in their newsfeed — the move was characterized as a way for the company to extract additional advertising revenue from corporate brands. The consequences, however, will be felt much more acutely by the many nonprofit organizations now subject to the same reduction in reach — reportedly down to only 1 or 2 percent of all followers. A nonprofit advocacy group with 5,000 followers, for example, might issue a critical call to action that is only seen by 50 of its followers.

Thousands of non-profits, without much money, had dramatically improved their reach into worldwide communities, improving the environment, human rights, medical care, economic conditions and other critical issues that determine society’s quality-of-life. Non-profits have been caught in Facebook’s policy change, which has severely limited our reach unless we pay to promote our posts, as for-profit corporations do.

GHLF’s co-founder Seth Ginsberg authored an op-ed that ran in two dozen markets throughout the country. Nonprofit Quarterly joined in supporting the effort with its recent editorial endorsing non-profits’ fight against Facebook.

Now it’s your chance to join the initiative! Tell Facebook to change it’s algorithm for non-profit organizations so that everyone can get the help that they need. We look forward to discussing this #dhAdv issue with you and more in person at the 2014 dhAdvocacy Summit.